Swiftness Ritual Mist - Ula Botanic


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This ritual mist has aromatic notes of Sage and Juniper that are clearing and centering. Swiftness is high desert magic to remind you to follow your intuition. She is about learning to trust your deeper knowing, to listen to those first intuitive whispers and live your life from this truly unique and authentic space. When we can trust and follow this deeper listening and take action from our intuitive knowing, life tends to flow more easily and shine more brilliantly. Aromatherapy is powerful, especially combined with clear intentions and our awareness. Use this atmosphere ritual mist to shift the mood and energy in your space. Swiftness is inspired by the beautiful work of artist Aidan Koch.

Directions: Set intentions, shake well and mist.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Essential Oils of Sage, Mugwort & Juniper.

2oz glass bottle with mister top.