Palo Santo Wood: Grounding


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Palo Santo is burned to cleanse personal and physical space of negativity, heaviness and shift spiritual stagnation. Creating an intentional lightness and sacred place for meditation and serenity.

GROUNDING- Infused with Vetiver and Rosewood, beneficial for finding clarity and settling peacefully into one's body.

A search for Palo Santo that is ethically sourced and wild harvested was key to our ethos. We now partner with One Love Holistics, who stands out in the industry for their work in Ecuador and Peru. One Love is committed to reforestation, planting for ethical farming, honoring harvest practices and heavily involved in local community engagement.

Once lit, contain the flame with breath until a solid ember catches, then blow it out and place in a fireproof vessel. Exercise caution when working with fire.

5 Smudge sticks in a Muslin Bag