Permanent and Custom Jewelry

Oakland jewelry designer Peyton Rabbitt finds inspiration in art and romance.
She combines her passion for metalsmithing and design to create textured and delicate jewelry.
Every piece is handmade with reflections of the tools that made it.
From flame to hammer- shaping each piece into its final form while celebrating the natural and imperfect details.
Jewelry connects. It conjures memories and love. There is meaning in the gemstones, energy in the materials. It is protective and empowering.
It is personal and shared. Whether permanent or custom, we are here to help guide and personalize each creation.
Peyton Rabbitt
Quick notes:
  • “Single Session” can accommodate one person getting permanent jewelry (friends and family are welcome to watch); please book “Group session” if two or three people plan to get welded
  • There is no limit on how many pieces per appointment
  • Please inquire about sessions for large groups or private welding parties
  • Walk-ins are welcome but spots can be guaranteed by booking an appointment
  • Minimum welding age is 10
  • Pricing for permanent bracelets is a set price. Anklets, necklaces, and custom pieces are priced per inch plus charms and findings (clasps, jump rings)
  • All sales are final